This is my review on my new 2 tier keyboard stand I purchased from Amazon, the Pyle Heavy Duty keyboard Z-stand with 2nd tier. At the time of writing this review, I’ve only had it for a couple of days, but have to say I am quite impressed with it – I hope it holds up!

UPDATE 2023: The Pyle stand was a good stand, but I’m now recommending the Z Stand From Liquid Stands instead! Check out that review here:

Liquid Stands Z-Stand Review

Pyle vs. Similar Looking Other Brands?

So the stand I bought is made by a company called Pyle, and it is available as a single tier or double tier, and you can also get it with wheels. (I will include amazon affiliate links to both of those below so you can check out prices on the ones I bought). Now do note, that you may see some other stands under other names (Liquid Stands for example) that look close or even possibly exactly the same. I did some digging online and to be honest I can’t confirm or deny whether these other brands are actually the same thing or not (I found some blog posts saying they are the same, and others saying they’re not), so just be aware my review is on the Pyle branded version.

Why A New Stand (And Why A “Z” Stand)?

I actually have a nice wooden piano table I built myself when I first started playing piano:

Piano Table
My Home Made Piano Table

and it is in my living room holding my Casio PX-S3000 piano; I love that table, but it has had the shelf moved up and down SO many times (someone KEEPS buying new keyboards!!), I really don’t want to modify it any more.  Here is a link to the post all about my Custom Stand if you want to check it out.  

I have (I think) finally settled in to all the keyboards that I will own: In addition to my Casio PX-S3000, I also have a Casiotone CT-S1 and recently added a Yamaha PSR-EW425, so it was time to upgrade my cheap single X stand which is WAY to wobbly for my new Yamaha (and getting a stand with a 2nd tier means my CT-S1 doesn’t get relegated to the closet). 

I almost bought a 2 tier double braced X stand from my local music store that they use to display their keyboards, but I’m in a small space, and I really wanted to have as much leg room (and under keyboard storage area) as possible, so I decided to go with a Z stand, and I have to say, this was a great choice.  While the double braced X stands do seem OK, I think the Z stand is even more stable and offers the leg room advantage.

Single Brace X-Stand
Double Brace 2 Tier X-Stand
Double Tier Z-Stand

The Build

The build took me about 30-45 minutes a lot of that was spent adjusting the width to fit my keyboards, but it puts together quite easily.  There was one minor issue with one of the upper tier arms, which I discuss and show how to fix in the build video coming up, but it wasn’t a big deal.  The ONLY thing I’m not super thrilled about is that my OnStage mic adapter that I bought to hold a mic on my X stand doesn’t work with this stand if I have the 2nd tier in place; it would work if I took off the 2nd tier, but having the 2nd tier was one of the reasons I bought this.). I included the build process in my full YouTube review which I have a link to at the bottom of this page if you want to check it out.

This stand has is SUPER stable, and has a ton of small increment height adjustments which is awesome.  And it can stretch out to 37” wide which is super cool, although I had to since that in about 3 or 4 inches so that my Casiotone CT-S1 would fit on the top tier.  There is a really handy headphone hook, as well as rubber strips with screws you can use to secure your keyboard to the stand (assuming your keyboard has the correct mounting holes within reach).  I didn’t see any such holes on my Yamaha, but I don’t need to bother with that anyways because the stand is super stable, and the arms even have nice rubber pads on them which keep the keyboard from sliding around; I tried pounding on it pretty hard, and it does NOT move at ALL which is great. 

The upper tier is actually quite solid as well, I was kind of surprised; you can adjust the angle of the upper tier arms, and there are 3 height adjustments you can choose from, and there are nice to see rubber stops on the ends of the upper tier arms.  Using the top height, I’m actually able to still have the music stand (for me it’s an iPad stand) on my Yamaha even with the Casio on top. 

Pyle Heavy Duty Keyboard Stand (2-Tier) – The Verdict

UPDATE 2023: The Pyle stand was a good stand, but I’m now recommending the Z Stand From Liquid Stands instead! Check out that review here:

Liquid Stands Z-Stand Review

So, as far as this stand goes?  HIGHLY recommended, at least so far.  It’s super stable, tons of leg room, lots of adjustments available, the keyboards don’t move at all and the headphone hook is a nice extra, so I can totally recommend this stand.  If you’re curious about the assembly, then keep watching after I’m done talking, and if not, then just check out my Amazon affiliate links in the description below to check prices and pick up one of these stands for your keyboard or keyboards.  So thanks a bunch for checking out this page! Happy piano playing and happy stand shopping, and have an awesome day!

I have included links below to Amazon so that you can check current pricing – please note that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases:

Pyle Heavy Duty Keyboard Stand (2 tier)

Pyle Heavy Duty Keyboard Stand (Single Tier)

Video Version Of This Review (Includes The Assembly Process):

Pyle Heavy Duty Keyboard Stand Review