Hi I’m Tony!

I’m a closing in on retirement accounting and IT guy (Piano Tone!) who recently discovered how rewarding learning how to play the piano is. Thanks to some very focused online training (and yes, LOTS of practice!) I was able to start playing and improvising over modern songs in only a couple of months! And the journey still continues . . .

I had some music experience in my younger days (check out that 80’s mullet!), playing mostly bass and a little guitar in rock bands – played lots of live shows, bars etc and had a fantastic time. But then work life took over, and while I always had a guitar around that made an occasional appearance, music making fun was rare.

My wife and I are very active at the gym, and love to do long walking & hiking trips (a few years ago we walked the Camino de Santiago – 800 km in 32 days!) On a 2019 hiking trip, I broke my ankle – while that’s no fun, it was the event that started my piano journey and return to music – all the time on my hands from being laid up was about to result in a lot of video gaming when I thought “Wait a minute . . . I’M GONNA LEARN PIANO!” So the journey began and is still going strong. I wanted to share what I have learned about some amazing online training, and about some equipment and other training tools, so PianoTone.ca was born!

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit PianoTone.ca!

I hope that you can find some useful information here, and that you enjoy YOUR piano journey!