I started learning piano in 2019; I tried various online training courses, apps and videos. Some worked wonders for me, some were ok, some not so much. I am including reviews here on different piano training methods that I actually tried; hopefully this will help others make a choice that is right for them!


This is a fantastic option if you are mostly interested in rock music. This course was created and is taught by Marine Lacoste, who is not only a fantastic instructor & pianist, but she is also a very accomplished hammond organ player – she performs regularly with her own band (Highway Hunters), as well as playing keys regularly for multiple recording artists on tour, including Uncle Kracker & Corey Hart.
I started this course in 2023 when I joined a band, and it is helping me greatly in taking my playing to a new level!

If you sign up for Online Rock Lessons yearly subscription, use code PIANOTONE at checkout to let Marine know I referred you, and she will give you a free 20 minute orientation call!

Online Rock Lessons Review

This is my UPDATED (for 2023) full review of the Piano Man Approach online course by pro pianist Steve Lungrin. This course is focused on getting you playing performance focused accompaniment versions of modern songs quickly. This course works for total beginners or experienced players who have never been taught piano with this type of approach.

Piano Man Approach Review

Piano Man Approach

Birds Piano Academy

This is my review on the first course I took from Birds Piano Academy – Beginners Blues & Improvisation; this is a FABULOUS course and improved my playing significantly! There are other courses in the Academy I intend to check out as well!

Birds Piano Academy Review

This is my preliminary review on the Pianoforall online piano course. This course takes a unique approach to teaching piano that I really like, and provides massive value for the money, both in content and in quality.

Pianoforall Review

If you have any questions about my experiences with any of the online training I’ve reviewed, please feel free to contact me!