This is my review on the OneOdio A71 Hi Res Studio Recording headphones, that currently sell on Amazon for only around $30USD. If you’ve searched for headphones on Amazon, you’ve likely come across this brand.

So, since I now have keyboards set up in a couple spots in my apartment, I wanted to get a reasonably inexpensive 2nd pair of headphones because I’m putting a lot of wear and tear on my AKG 92 studio headphones moving them back and forth all the time, and I remembered a unique feature about these OneOdio headphones that I wanted to check out – which is that they have TWO input jacks. I had mentioned these headphones previously as a potential solution for people who have a keyboard or digital piano that doesn’t have an audio input for streaming in audio, so they are looking for a way to be able to hear their piano or keyboard as well as an iPad or iPhone (for playing along with Youtube or streaming piano lessons or something) all at the same time through headphones; so since these should address that issue and are also described on Amazon as “studio” headphones, I thought why not give them a try and also do a review – so let’s check it out.

What Comes In The Box?

The OneOdio A71 Headphones include:

  • The headphones 😀 (they fold as well, if that matters to you)
  • You get a nice carry bag – cool feature here, the product and warranty info is actually printed on the back of the bag! Great idea)
  • 2 cables (the cables aren’t the greatest feeling quality, but . . . these are budget headphones so that’s ok)

The Cables

1) Audio Cable

You get a TRS cable (so 2 stripes) that is ¼” to 1/8” that you use out of the left ear’s port – this cable and port is best used for listening to your digital piano signal, or a signal from another audio device like an audio interface or mixer. And this is a generic port, so you could use your own longer higher quality TRS cable if you wanted to.

2) “General Purpose” Cable (With Mic)

The other cable is a 1/8” TRRS cable (so 3 stripes – the extra wire carries a mic signal from a built in mic); this cable is meant to connect to a device so a pc or iPad or iPhone, and you would use this cable and port for more general purpose stuff like listening to music, or a zoom call or gaming using the built in mic etc.

The cable with the mic has a couple of issues:

  1. It’s SUPER short; I guess it’s fine for just listening to tunes on your iPhone or pc, but for streaming music from your iPad while you’re playing the piano? Not really long enough, so you would probably need an extension cable if that’s what you want to use it for. I have a stand for my iPad above my piano, so to use this cable, it would be ABOVE the piano keys which wouldn’t work that well.
  2. Even though the connector itself is generic, they’ve designed the port to only accept THEIR cable – so I can’t just plug my own cable in here which I find odd and a bit annoying actually – it’s probably something to do with the in line mic, but either way, I’m not a fan of that.

But, the fact that the OneOdio A71 Headphones give you the option of using an audio cable WITHOUT a built in mic means that you CAN use these headphones with a digital piano; as I’ve mentioned in some other posts, even good quality headphones that have a built in mic will typically give you poor quality sound out of a digital piano headphone port even though they sound great out of a device that supports the mic wire.

So . . . How Do They Sound?

I have to admit the OneOdio A71 headphones actually sound pretty good, especially for the price! BUT . . . I think they would be best suited as a set of gaming headphones, because they emphasize the bass significantly – I’m pretty sure there is some bass boost going on in there.

So while that can SOUND good, and it CAN make your digital piano sound nice and really full in the low end (the left hand notes on my Casio PX-S3000 sound wonderful actually), it’s not really the best clarity for the high end, and it’s never a good idea to have any kind of bass boost or sound modification in headphones if you want to use these for recording music. Studio headphones are designed with the intent to hear music accurately as it’s being recorded – for example if you are EQ’ing your song using headphones that have bass boost, your final recording might end up sounding bad because you set the EQ for your recording assuming you had enough bass, but really you don’t.

So while they definitely don’t sound BAD, I think OneOdio should really remove the “Studio” word from the description on these headphones on Amazon.

Do They Solve The Issue Of Hearing Your iPad & Piano At The Same Time?

But – the problem of hearing your piano and iPad at the same time through headphones, do the OneOdio A71 Headphones’s solve this problem?  Yes, they do! You can use the audio cable to connect to your piano’s headphone out, and you can use the “general purpose” cable to connect to your device’s headphone out.  You’d need to adjust the volume to a nice balance on your piano and on your device, but for that purpose it will work just fine.  Just keep in mind that it will be emphasizing the bass, and that the cable for the iPad is really short. 

Other Feature

There is one more feature with the OneOdio A71 headphones that I should mention: they support something called “Shareport” which allows you to connect a couple of these headsets together to allow you and someone else to listen to the same thing at the same time.


So, how are they comfort wise?  They’re actually quite comfortable, but I should mention I have them extended to their max size and they do fit my head, but just barely.  That being said, I DO have a massive head so this is a pretty common issue for me with headphones.  While they do fit me adequately, if they did extend a bit more, I would definitely take advantage of that; but unless your head is equally massive, they should fit you just fine.

OneOdio A71 Headphones – The Verdict

OneOdio A71 Headphones

So, what’s the verdict; do I recommend the OneOdio A71 headphones? 

Yes and no . . .

As “Studio” Headphones? – NO

As “studio” headphones that give you an accurate reproduction of sounds for music production, or an accurate recreation of your piano’s sounds?  No, I don’t recommend the OneOdio A71 headphones – there is just too much bass boost going on, and the high end is a little bit muddy and not super clear.

As General Purpose Headphones (or if you’re not concerned about the extra bass) – YES

If you’re not too concerned about the emphasis on bass, and you JUST want to use these to listen to your piano, or as a way to listen to your piano and iPad audio at the same time, or just for general usage, then yes these are great, and the super low price is a huge plus.  They’re comfortable, they include the audio cable for your piano or other audio devices, and they include the general use cable for your phone, tablet or pc, and it includes a mic for doing zoom calls or gaming. 

Will I Be Keeping These As My 2nd Set of Headphones? – NO

So will I be keeping the OneOdio A71 headphones as my 2nd set of inexpensive headphones?  Actually no, I think they’re going to be returned – and that’s because my use case is geared mostly towards studio headphone requirements so I will be looking for another pair to meet that need.  I’m currently leaning towards either another pair of my first studio headphones that lasted me a year, the Tascam TH-02’s which are super inexpensive at only around $30USD, or possibly a set of Audio Technica ATH-20X headphones which sell for around $50USD, which I’ve heard some great opinions on.  Or, maybe I will just wait and save up for a fancier pair and make my AKG 92s my “extra” pair. 

So I’ve included some amazon affiliate links below if you want to check out current prices on the OneOdio A71 headphones, or any of the other headphones I mentioned in this review.

Thanks so much, and happy headphone shopping!

I have included links below to OneOdio’s site directly, as well as Amazon so that you can check current pricing – please note that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

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