Backing Tracks – The “Four Chord Song”

When I first started learning piano (and even still) I found backing tracks that I could play along with to practice chord progressions and improvisation to be really helpful. Playing along with some drums, simple guitar and bass not only keeps you in time like a metronome, but it helps you with timing chord changes (and frankly it’s more fun than a metronome!)

I will be adding new backing tracks as much as I can for other common chord progressions, and possibly some songs.


Backing Tracks – The “Four Chord Song”

This is a VERY common chord progression in popular music, and is used a fair bit for practicing in the Piano In 21 Days online course that got me started quickly on the piano.

  • Chord Progression: 1 – 5 – 6m – 4
  • Key of C: C – G – Am – F
Fast Version in C
Slow Version in C

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